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6 Types of Visual Content That Get More Likes in Facebook

6 Types of Visual Content


Are you expecting more to get the attraction to your blog or websites through social media shares, likes, and comments?

Your main goal is to create more links to connect with readers.

If yes, then make use of this great opportunity to investigate utilizing visual content.

Research has shown that:

  1. Be careful while picking Visual aids which impact more on the reader. It is also proven that 43% of searcher read content only when they are satisfied with Visual Aids.
  2. The data that handled by the mind and 90% of visual image reader remember.

It makes sense, as well as it’s important to utilize content that creates in the form of instinctive mental and enthusiastic reverberation with your intended interest group.

This post will give you some information about visual content which will play a major role in getting online engagement.


1. Compelling Images

The content of your Post with high caliber, the images that you have picked which is relevant people think and they start reading your blog until the end of your blog. Now a day’s access internet through cell phones become common, but using lengthy content with no images in between this leads to killing online audiences from your blog!

Here is some marketing strategy how important is Visual images:
Because of the currently advanced substance oversaturation, and the substantial selection of getting to the web through cell phones, our capacity to focus has hit an amazing failure.

Accordingly, the introduction of a substance, in huge pieces, with no pictures in the middle of, is a genuine kill to online groups of onlookers!

On the off chance that despite everything you question how viable pictures are in your showcasing system, you’ll likewise be intrigued to realize that:

  1. As per the survey, Article receives 94% more likes and shares than which article doesn’t have any images in the article.
  2. 150% of tweets and re-tweets are gained from the image text than plain text.
  3. If we come to an engagement in the post, it is 3 times more than the post doesn’t have any images in their content.

So before you start to use some eye catchy images in between the content for getting massive shares and backlinks

Image quotes:

Go with some Inspirational, Motivational or diverting quotes that make people attractive and they start sharing, liking your posts.

Facebook Post - Image quotes

Images that evoke emotions:

There is a word like “Picture tells a story which words can’t” yes it’s true. Most of you remember pictures than content inside the article, using images we can effortlessly say what we are trying to tell. With that urge audience start reading your article and start to like and share.


2. Screenshots

Screenshots are very attachable since they give people a direct view of how your item or administration functions. They additionally assume a basic part in boosting the believability of your items and administrations.

Best way to attract reader is to take a screenshot which is related to content that you are trying to promote. By that visual image reader trust your services, and also they play a vital role in boosting the credibility of your products and services.


To get more backlinks the caption should be catchy and give some more information which required, specify how your product or service works. Screenshots are one of the live examples for them to understand how it works, by that they start liking, commenting and sharing your article. This is the best way to tell them you are trustworthy.


3. Memes:

 It’s hard to come up with content to share on a regular basis. Memes are typically funny, and people like them. They are a perfect form of content to share because they often convey a broader meaning and can be branded. When people see a funny image, they want to share it. They want to comment on it, and, at the very least, they will like, plus-one, or favorite it. Image memes should be short, easy to digest, clever, and relevant to your target audience.


Step 1: Find an image that you want to use for your meme.

Step 2: Think of something clever to say that relates to the topic you are talking about and your audience. A little hint: The expression of the person in the image is important for the overall message of the meme.

Step 3: Use any font and color you want

Step 4: Share!


4. Infographics:

It is one which makes all set of audiences feel comfortable. These sorts of visuals are most important for audiences, they find easy to understand effortlessly. It has the ability to convey relevant information through easily understandable bits of information. Studies have shown a clear and detailed image are more important to at least 67% of consumers and will most likely get their attention and interest even more than other important elements like product description, customer ratings, and other text-based content.


Paragraphs of text may not be impressive to many of them as much as visual elements do, and moreover, they show more interest in Infographics than getting the same information in text format. This can take you for better interaction or engagement with your targeted audiences, which can make people more aware of your brand, products or services and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Research from Heidi Cohen and Dan Zarrella from HubSpot confirms this trend, highlighting that up to 37% increase in targeted customer engagement can happen is the post includes visual elements like photos, graphics and of course Infographics.


5. Slides & Presentations

In the initial stage slides and presentations are used only in the meeting room for the business purpose, and nowhere else. Nowadays, slides and presentation became more popular, using these you can promote your brand so easily and let them know what exactly you are up to for your reader.
These slides and Presentation makes your work easier because it’s easier to understand for the audience to listen than reading. So people get to know quickly for what they are seeking for and they start liking and sharing things.

Slides & Presentations

Likewise how we did for Infographics same way for slides and Presentation color, style of text and design is more important. Keep that in mind configure and pass on the message or data in the best way to get more engagement, like’s and shares.


6. Video Content

Video is the most powerful storytelling medium, Not only it can serve as a prime proving ground for your business to promote your campaigns and for influential idea, but also videos are emotionally resonant combination of sound, motion, and visual effect it can also help you drive deeper and get more satisfying relationships between your brand and your audience.

Video Content

Videos are the most intelligent tactics content marketers can leverage for starters, 8.7% of posts that are natural engagement on Facebook that expanded and transferred with recordings. Most of the reader prefer watching a video rather than reading about it

  •  Most 50% of all video is watched on a mobile.
  • Internet video traffic will be up to 80% of all consumer Internet traffic
  • If your video is longer than 2 minute you get more engagement.

Make sure that it suites for both mobile and desktop environment also, so that it will be easy to share your videos anytime and every time.


Image Credits:

In-post Image 1: Image quotes
In-post Image 2: Screenshots
In-post Image 3: Memes
In-post Image 4: Infographics
In-post Image 5: Slides & Presentations

In-post Image 6: Video Content


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